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Post by coluke on Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:22 pm

Hey guys, been a while, I apologize. I had another extremely busy summer, Didn't get in any wheeling after my baja trip. Work and family sucked up all my time. We sold our house, and bought another one. And have another little one on the way, so lots of changes. Due to the new, bigger house, and the seconded kiddo on the way, I decided it would be best to sell the Taco. Rolling Eyes Some guy in Aspen bought it for his second home down there, and was willing to pay what I wanted for it. I am hoping to have another off roader for spring time, going a completely different route, I am thinking first gen toyota truck, something I won't mind getting dirty, scraped up.

That brings me to the website. The subscription will be due end of October for they say I will owe 119.00 dollars for another year, If I remember right last year I told them that was way to much for what little traffic the site gets and they did drop it to about 70.00 dollars for the year. At this point I will not be re-newing the site. The forum here will still remain ( )

So there is a couple options. The site has a few regulars about 5 that visit. I am willing to let some one else take over the site if they want, maybe some one else can get it to the next level?

If I can get a few other people to pitch in, we can renew, and maybe get some more people to join?

Or I can just let it expire, the forum will still be here.

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Post by Walt on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:17 am

It's a shame it's been so slow here this year. It had a great start.
If the site is to continue, it needs more participants. I've put the word out, but it seems FB is more what people use.
Shouldn't be this difficult to find people to hit trails with. Not sure what to do.

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